November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

As the year quickly wraps up, we have be been inundated with orders for our reliable survey stakes. With the large volume of orders and supplier shipping delays caused by COVID-19, we apologise for any inconvenience caused by waiting periods and thank you for bearing with us during this busy time.

We expect to have new stock of our survey stakes ready to go within the next two weeks and will be completing any back orders as soon as possible.

Surveying Accessories

Have you viewed our new range of surveying accessories announced in last month’s newsletter? Newly released products include adaptors, aerial targets, prisms, pole tips, tribrachs, scanning targets and accessories, aluminium and carbon fibre poles, tripods and bipods, staves, levelling staff accessories, and pillar plates.

View Surveying Accessories Range.

Putting Our Products to the Test

It’s easy to choose the cheaper surveying marking spray, but you may be choosing a product that’s less value for money, bad for the environment, and ultimately more expensive for your company in the long run.

We put Dy-Mark’s Spray & Mark (350g) and Signet’s Spot Marking Spray (350g) to the test – two products seemingly similar, yet very different. Below are the results:


  • Less value per can,
  • Higher wastage and environmental impact, and
  • Cans empty faster.


  • 30% more value per can,
  • Less wastage and environmental impact, and
  • Cans take longer to empty.

Your Guide to the 2020-21 Federal Budget

Released by the Treasurer in early October, the 2020-21 Federal Budget provided one of the largest boosts to infrastructure investment in recent history. So, how can it affect surveyors?

The Budget has provided additional funding to Infrastructure Australia over the next four years, allowing the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan to expand. It has provided funding to support Australian communities, inclusive of $14 billion in new infrastructure projects to provide 14,000 future jobs, including within the construction and surveying industry.

For more information on the 2020-21 Federal Budget, click here. For an in depth break down of Western Australia’s Transport Infrastructure Budget, click here.

In Case You Missed It: LinkedIn

The construction industry relies heavily on the use of PPE and other surveying safety equipment to mitigate risks and ensure all the workers’ safety on site.

Click here to read more from Elevate Survey Supplies Director Robert Curry’s latest LinkedIn article, exploring some of the ways Elevate Survey Supplies can help keep you and your team safe in the field.

Top Industry News in the Past Month

Global Infrastructure Private Investment in Continuous Decline
The Global Infrastructure Hub has published a new report, Infrastructure Monitor 2020, which highlights a decade-long decline in private investment in infrastructure through primary market transactions. Click here to read more.

The Industry’s Biggest Sustainability Achievements in 2020
ISCA has released its 2020 Impacts Report, showcasing the infrastructure industry’s most remarkable achievements in sustainability and documenting lifecycle impacts and innovations, as well as ISCA’s contribution towards a circular economy. Click here to read more.

DJI Announced LiDAR and Full-Frame Imaging Payloads
AJI has launched two powerful new sensing payloads for its flagship commercial drone, the Matrice M300 RTK. Click here to read more.

Upcoming Industry Events

Network with survey and infrastructure industry peers and leaders, and keep up to date with the latest trends and information at these upcoming events:

November Eng Con Meeting – Nov 3
Join Surveyors WA via Zoom to hear from Crossland and Hardy’s Simon Treasure discussing the role of the engineering surveyor, and from Red Arrow Group’s Richard Tester discussing the survey of the Sydney Opera House and other projects. Click here for more information.

ISNSW Hunter Manning Group Twilight Seminar – Nov 10
Join The Institution of Surveyors NSW (ISNSW) at Club Macquarie Auditorium to hear from industry leaders discussing topics including surveying and bushfire recovery and a case study of cadastal Issues. Click here for more information.

SWAGSS Conference – Nov 13
WAIS and LSLB will be hosting the annual SWAGSS Conference in Bunbury this November. This conference will be a full day of current, topical and thought provoking industry information and knowledge. Click here for more information.

WAIS Annual Gold Day – Nov 27
Network with industry peers at the WAIS Annual Gold Day at Maylands Peninsula Public Golf Course. Click here for more information.

Inspiring Future Geospatial Experts!

Get Kids into Surveying is a rapidly expanding project and community dedicated to the provision of education on everything Geospatial, including surveying.

By working with teachers, partnering with surveying associations, and offering global scholarship schemes, Get Kids into Surveying has a raft of resources that will inspire the next generation of surveyors.

Click here to find out more and to become an ambassador.

Save on Your Next Order!

If you love our products and services, refer us to others! Every new customer* that places an order and is referred by you, allows you to receive a 10% discount on your next order.

* A referred customer implies the customer’s business, not individuals within a business. Your company is entitled to receive one discounted order per referred business. Discounts are off full retail prices and excludes any other offers and discounts. It is your responsibility to ensure your referred customer states they were referred by your company.

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