Flagging Tape 75M x 25mm BLACK (Sleeve of 10)

$19.00 Excluding GST

-Thick gauge Surveyors grade tape
-Hand tearable
-An economical way of visually designating work areas and marking features in the landscape
-Light weight and easy to tear by hand
-Quick and easy to mark out large outdoor areas
-Create knots easily without tearing
-Useful for marking utilities & services

QuantityPrice per Roll (exc GST)
1 Sleeve (10 rolls) - 7 Sleeves (70 rolls)$1.90
8 Sleeves (80 rolls) +$1.70
Quantity discounts
1-9223372036854775806 9223372036854775807 9.2233720368548E+18+
$19.00 $19.00 $19.00