Surveying Pegs and Stakes – The Elevate Survey Supplies Difference

Pegs & Stakes for Surveying

With an in-depth knowledge of Surveying practices and years of field experience, Elevate Survey Supplies offers a vast range of Surveying Pegs and Stakes to cover every application. Our focus is on providing the best possible supplies at the best price.

We are run by Surveyors, for Surveyors.

Survey Stakes & Pegs

Our survey stakes and pegs are available in ranges from 300mm to 1200mm and beyond, typically 25mm x 25mm in width; the standard size for most surveying applications.

We prefer to use FSC Certified hardwood timber for our surveying stakes, as this ensures that we are not causing unnecessary damage to the environment when sourcing our timber. FSC is the gold standard in sustainable forestry, and we are among the small number of companies in Australia to be a part of this fantastic not-for-profit cause.

Our hardwood timber stakes are extremely tough and durable, smooth on all 4 sides for easy writing, and have far less breakages than traditional jarrah pegs. Jarrah pegs also have up to 3 sides that are not suitable for writing as they are rough and do not absorb ink; this can lead to destruction and wastage of permanent pens and markers.

Their dark sides do not show up pen marks as well either, leaving machine operators unable to see markings on the pegs. This is why a lighter coloured hardwood surveying stake with 4 all smooth sides is far superior to jarrah, all whilst being more durable and better value for money and coming in at a cheaper price per stake.

Short Survey Pegs

We strictly adhere to the regulatory body specifications when sourcing and manufacturing our short survey pegs, which need to be constructed from jarrah, plastic, or hardwood timber.

Hard ground may sometimes require a more hardy solution, and our Poly Cap boundary pegs are the best use for this type of terrain. We also supply an impact driving tool to ensure the steel post (and your hands) are not damaged when installed into hard ground.

All of our short survey pegs must be extremely hard wearing due to the harsh Australian climate, and jarrah or hardwood timber are the best timber types suited to this requirement. They come painted in a bright, vibrant coat of Dulux to ensure they remain as visible as possible for as long as possible.


We provide a range of posts to cover the requirements of a surveyor or anyone working in a construction environment. We manufacture our own Permanent Survey Marks (PSM) and sell as whole, but also provide plaques, hatches and covers, and bags of concrete in order to make your own out in the field. These plaques and supplies all conform to regulatory body specifications.

Star iron pickets, fence droppers, and hallmarks are also available, and for any specific requirements that do not appear on our website, please get in touch and we can source them for you.

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