Why use Elevate Survey Supplies?

Since 2014 Elevate Survey Supplies has been dedicated to providing companies with high quality survey consumables. We understand the challenges surveyors face out in the field and what they expect from the products they use. We source, manufacture and deliver only reliable and effective products in a time efficient manner. Our focus is on our customer’s needs, going above and beyond by providing custom made products and sourcing unique and unusual products to fit their requirements.

Elevate Survey Supplies is one of the only survey stake suppliers in Australia that uses 100% FSC certified timber, giving our clients piece of mind that the products they are purchasing are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Please check out our FSC info page by clicking Here to discover what FSC is all about.

How It Started

Elevate Survey Supplies started by offering companies an alternative type of wood for surveying stakes. This gave businesses the ability to choose which type of stake was used on each job according to the different ground conditions, providing a cost effective alternative to using higher priced Jarrah stakes. From our humble beginnings of sourcing wood stakes, we have expanded our business into manufacturing and our range of consumables is continuously growing. We firmly believe our products are of high quality and our focus is on providing excellent service to our customers. We would love for you to try us out and experience the difference for yourself.

What to Expect

After trialing hundreds of products, we have hand-picked a range of products which we know to be effective, reliable and will perform for their intended purpose. We also focus on a very high standard of service, providing easy online ordering and fast free delivery services, taking the guesswork of when you will receive your products.

Our Ambition

Our passion and ambition is to become the best survey supply company in Australia, with absolute focus on quality, reliability and service.

How We Work

Elevate Survey Supplies is a delivery only service. The reason for this is to run our business as efficient as possible while still providing a high level of service. This way, our customers benefit with receiving high quality products with the best price possible.

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