Surveying Safety Equipment

Surveying Safety Equipment

The construction industry relies heavily on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other surveying safety equipment to mitigate risks and ensure all workers’ safety on site. Here are some of the ways Elevate Survey Supplies can help keep you and your team safe in the field:

Eye Protection

Working in the field poses multiple significant eye injury risks. Everyday surveyors face a myriad of hazards when on site, including wood splinters, metal fragments and finer dust particles that may be flying around in the field.

Using Safety Glasses provides surveyors with the protection needed to prevent blurred vision, irritation and burns, and even long-term impaired vision.

Hearing Protection

Being on site exposes surveyors to constant loud machinery and equipment, which can prematurely damage hearing. The use of hearing protection, such as Ear Plugs, are extremely important to protect hearing, especially if being overexposed to noisy construction environments.

Respiratory Protection

Did you know there are about 12,000 lung disease deaths each year that are linked to past exposures in the working environment? Surveyors can be exposed to harmful dusts and fumes when in the field, creating a foundation for a range of respiratory diseases to develop.

Disposable Respirators, commonly referred to as “dust masks”, are designed to protect surveyors from airborne hazards by filtering the air that is breathed in by the wearer.

Sun Protection

Surveyors are often out in the sun, and working under the Australian sun comes with risks, even if it isn’t summer. The Australian Workplace Exposure Study: Carcinogen Exposures in the Construction Industry, conducted by Safe Work Australia, found that only 8% of industry workers were considered to be adequately protected from UV (and no, the shade from your hard hat is not adequate protection), leaving the remaining percentage at risk of sunburn and the development of skin cancer.

So, it’s not unexpected to hear that the application of Sunscreen whilst out in the field is essential for all surveyors. Sunscreen protects skin from UV rays, lowers the risk of skin cancer, and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

Hand Protection

Working outdoors and handling various pieces of equipment can have a strain on surveyors’ hands. Whether it be from cuts, splinters, or exposure to harmful substances and extreme weather, your hands need to stay protected.

Nitrile Foam Gloves are not only puncture, cut and tear resistant, but they also act as a sponge by soaking up oils and liquids, displacing them and leaving the wearer with improved gripping capabilities and protected hands.

Protective Workwear

Working out in the Australian environment presents several hazards, such as snake bites and getting scratched and cut by stray sticks, branches, thorns, and spikes.

To protect surveyors when out in the field, it is important to have strong, comfortable and snake resistant Leg Gaiters. The use of Touch Tape Overboot Covers is extremely helpful when working on mine sites, as they keep seeds, dirt, and debris from entering the top of your boots.

To view Elevate Survey Supplies’ full range of surveying safety equipment, click here.

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